Monday, April 30, 2012

Bentley Goes to the Roof

Starsky loves to go in the yard, eat grass, and rest on the deck, but Bentley will not go in the yard. He loves to climb and goes to the roof if we don't stop him. He has only made it on the roof once and my son was right there to get him down.

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  1. Studies say cats climb high places, trees, and roofs for several reasons, but mostly for defensive purposes. It's either, they want to get a wider range of view if there are potential dangers, or they take it as a safe haven or a napping place, far from the predator's range. Anyway, you might want to check on your roof to keep it in top shape. If the shingles appear to be blistering or there are granules in the gutter, it's about time to ask for maintenance help.

    Max Boughner